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We offer a wide range of packaging that meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Our containers are carefully designed to effectively protect and aesthetically display their contents. We use proven materials and modern production technologies.

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In-Mold Labeling (IML) is an advanced technology that enables the integration of a label with plastic during the injection moulding process. This solution will increase the prestige of your products through their elegant and creative finish. By precisely merging the label with the packaging, you will avoid problems with the label detaching and moving, which may occur in traditional labelling methods.

The IML labels we create are widely used in various market segments, such as the food, chemical, cosmetics, automotive and construction sectors.

Advantages of labels made with IML technology:

  • Excellent print quality
    Long-lasting colours, precise exposure of details
  • Resistance to external factors
    Colors do not fade under the influence of UV radiation
  • Print durability
    Elimination of the risk of removal or damage to decorations during transport and storage
  • Shortened production process
    Cost reduction
  • Environmentally friendly solution
    Recycling of labelled packaging
  • Hygienic values
    Maintaining full sterility of production
  • Modern design
    Possibility of printing in full colour or with transparency


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