Do you have questions about the packaging creation process?

Learn about our production process

Find out how our company creates high-quality products, from research and development to production in our modern factory. Discover how we maintain the highest quality standards and control to provide you with reliable products.

What products are in Bis-Pak's offer?

The BIS-PAK company produces polypropylene (PP) packaging using the injection method, offering a very wide range of small packaging, with capacities ranging from 100 to 3000 ml.

Where is Bis-Pak located?

The company’s headquarters can be found at ul. Szczecińska 97,78-300 Świdwin, Poland

Does Bis-Pak deliver products to customers?

Yes it does.

Is it possible to order products online?

Orders are accepted by phone or e-mail.

What are the standard order fulfillment times at Bis-Pak?

If the goods are in stock, the average delivery time is 48 hours. If the goods are out of stock, the delivery time is agreed upon individually with the customer, but we always try to send the goods as quickly as possible.

Can I receive product samples before placing a larger order?

Yes, at the customer’s request we send product samples.

Are the products offered by Bis-Pak ecological and environmentally friendly?

Yes. This is confirmed and documented by research, and the packaging we produce can be used many times

Does Bis-Pak offer international deliveries?

Yes, we make international deliveries through external shipping companies.

Can I benefit from individual consultation in selecting appropriate packaging for my industry?

Yes, our sales representatives are always available to support and help you.

Does Bis-Pak offer packaging for the food industry that meets appropriate standards and requirements?

Yes, we have relevant certificates for the food industry.

Does Bis-Pak offer packaging with a logo or graphics printed on it?

Yes, we produce most of our packaging with IML labels (technology of embedding the print into the packaging during its production).

What are the minimum order quantities for Bis-Pak products?

As we are a manufacturer, we fulfil full pallet orders. Quantities for individual products are available on product cards.

Are Bis-Pak products safe for food or other products?

Yes, Bis-Pak has the necessary certificates for the production of food packaging.

Does Bis-Pak have a range of packaging available immediately, or are most products manufactured to order?

Most of the assortment is available immediately.

Does Bis-Pak have certifications or meet industry standards for packaging production?

Yes, Bis-Pak has the necessary certificates regarding packaging production.

What materials are used to produce packaging by Bis-Pak Świdwin?

Our packaging is made of polypropylene, which has the necessary safety certificates for use in the food industry.

Do you offer the possibility of adapting polypropylene packaging to individual customer needs?

Yes, we have our tool room where we design and implement the packaging production process according to individual customer orders.